Wednesday, June 27, 2007

they say variety is the spice of life

And it's certainly the spice of mine. Well, that and cumin.

There was just a guest on The Colbert Report talking about correlations between certain physical traits and homosexuality. One that he mentioned was the length of index fingers as compared to ring fingers. This isn't new news, but it's not something I think about every day.

So I looked at my left hand, and the index finger is shorter than the ring finger. This apparently suggests that I am a lesbian. But then I looked at my right hand, and the index and ring finger are exactly the same length, which is the most often the case among straight women.

If anyone finds this surprising, please check the room you are in to be sure you have proper ventilation.

The only real conclusion I can draw from this is to say that I probably have two hands for a reason.


Scott said...

So that means, much like other cultures, you can only use a certain hand to touch a vagina and another hand to touch a cock.

So I guess you have to keep your girl on your left and guy on your right. Not so difficult. Go forth and test that one out.

Anonymous said...

are your palms facing up or down? palms down, my index finger is shorter. palms up, my index finger is longer. i'm straight, but my fingers tell me otherwise...hmm...

Nate said...

Oh my

That's quite...AMAZING!

No more wondering if that certain guy is gay, just ask to see their hands ;)

Amanda said...

Nat -- The pictures I saw, all the palms were down. And you're right, they do look different when you look at them the other way. I still wind up with one hand of each, though.

Scott -- Hell yes.

Nate -- Probably whether or not he's willing to let you inspect his hand will tell you all you need to know and then some.

Scott said...

Nate: I think wanting to know if a guy is gay or not also constitutes a sign of being at least a little bit curious ;-) Go on with your bad self. ::giggle::