Thursday, June 28, 2007

it is entirely possible that ann coulter is actually retarded

First of all, Ann, maybe if you ate a sandwich now and then, you could stop being such a nasty cunt all the time. You look like Skeletor in a blond wig. You make Paris Hilton look not only rational and balanced, but portly.

Second, do you find it that difficult to respond to the actual words that someone is saying to you? I mean, I've worked with people who were severely mentally retarded and they could respond to questions with answers that related to said questions. What the fuck excuse do you have?

Third, if you're going to try to be a ballsy bitch, then don't shrivel away as soon as someone calls you on your cuntdom. Don't deny shit. I had more balls than that when I was in the 7th grade. You're a fucking amateur when it comes to outside ovaries and you're giving women everywhere a bad name. If you can't step up, then step off.


Scott said...

You know how I feel about Miss Cuntler, so I will just say "Amen" and shut my mouth.

Nate said...

"You look like Skeletor in a blond wig."

You just made me choke on orange juice. That is seriously the funniest shit EVER.

How do you kill Skeletor, anyway?

Nate said...

Did you hear what Bush did today? He blocked the demand of Congress for some of the Documents regarding him firing 8 Attorney Generals.

Fucking Dumbass. A Nixon all over again!

We shall assassinate him, no?