Sunday, August 19, 2007

only in pittsburgh...

...does Girls' Night In include preseason football.

...will you see a fake-homeless guy holding up a black & gold sign that says "Homeless. Please Help. Go Steelers." (Although I do have to give him credit for knowing his audience.)

...will you walk out of Phillip Pelusi positively dripping with your own fabulousness and then some 18-year-old Cricker says, "You poppin', girl" and then you sort of want to go kill yourself.

...will you use the heater and the air-conditioner in your car not just in the same day, but in the same outing.

All true stories from my weekend here in lovely Pittsburgh.


Nate said...

I'm glad that your weekend was lovely lol.

I ended up getting disowned from my family because my mom started shouting anti-gay slurs at me, and expected me to take it lying down. Fuck that. So I left and I stayed at my friend's house for Sunday night and all of yesterday, but now I'm home (and not allowed on the computer lol).

So I don't know if I'll be able to keep up with your blog for a week or two :(

Scott said...

nate: sorry to hear your mom is being a c*nt right now. Trust me, it will pass. My mom cut me off when I was 17, but I just said "f' it" and did my own thing. She came around very shortly after. And remember, she's not mad at you, she doesn't hate you. She's just got to learn to deal with her feelings.

And no matter how much you want to, don't use the old "well, it's in my genes, so apparently either you or dad have a bent side no one knows about."

Oh, and no one should take it lying down...unless that's how you want to take it...then more power to you. (Sorry, if there wasn't some smart-ass comment in there from me, it wouldn't be genuine).

nate said...

Thanks Scott. The joke helped lol

Doggy style for me haha