Wednesday, August 08, 2007

the lackwit epistles: part 87

It's kind of delicious that I got this stranger email while I'm at school.

"Hey wuts good ma how u doing? I peeped ya page and damn u looking sexxy azz hell! Wut u b gettin in2 4fun? Ya smile is also real cute, i like that alot :) Well hit me up when u getta minute ok..."

And now for some thoughts:

Did he seriously call me "ma"?

Why are letters towards the end of the alphabet cool?

His profile picture is him holding a giant stack of money.

Even if he were holding a giant stack of burritos, I wouldn't like him.

Because he probably already ate the burritos.

But he might know where to get some more.

I make really good burritos.

I want a burrito.


nate said...

I have 24 burritos in my freezer if you want some lol

nate said...

23 now haha

Scott said...

please tell me he was this scrawny red-headed honky. PLEASE! That would make this sooooo much funnier

Amanda said...

Nope, chubby black dude.

Later on, some 45-year-old dude whose profile said he was maried with two kids sent me a message that just said "Nice pics." Go hang out with your kids, you jerk.