Saturday, August 18, 2007

i <3 school

I just bought three different kinds of Post-its. They're all color-coordinated. I also got two different sizes of paper clips and a box of push-pins. Also color-coordinated. Four three-ring binders (because I finally found some that didn't make me want to throw up when I touched them and/or had some Disney character on them).

My episode of "Intervention" will be filmed exclusively in the office-supply area of Target.


Scott said...

I'm addicted to office/school supplies too. There's just something about a new notebook that makes me hot.

In junior high, if you had told me I could have sex with a trapper keeper, i probably would have.

I have since graduated to more adult supplies, like my tweed-cover for my cambridge notebooks I use at work, or my signature brand of pents that I HAVE to have.

Cindy said...

I love you, my OCD wifey.

I used to color coordinate my folders for classes with the colors I used to highlight assignments on my semester calendar. Never once was anything late. Even a mind-erasing night at The Bird could not stop my ability to ORGANIZE!!!