Wednesday, March 08, 2006

finish your sentences or no dessert

What is with the subject lines in my spam lately? It wants to be Chekhov, but it's just insane.

"It was a thousand times worse than the taste/smell of the dust rag."

Also, not quite as good but somewhat perplexing... "! --- Geoffrey felt a"

And right up there with "Oprah Winfrey why not?" from last week, "Paul looked at the calendar. Honda Wallpapers She could have gone out the"

Spammers...finish your sentences and I might consider getting my pen!s enlarged. Or perhaps I'll purchase the C!al!s. Or V!agra. Are limp dicks really deserving of all these exclamation points?

1 comment:

Scott said...

YES! YES THEY ARE! And honey, I'd really hate to see you with a 10" clit. How would you explain the bulge in your pants? Well, Dad, My clit is so engorged I could even make Pam Anderson's pussy sore.