Wednesday, April 18, 2007

seriously, never the same again. ever

Bad news travels faster than good news, no matter where it's coming from or going to. That's why I got my rejection letter from Bennington yesterday and my acceptance letter from Fairleigh Dickinson today. If you're wondering what that noise is, it's the peasants rejoicing.

I'm one step closer to actually having a really strange moment when all of a sudden at the end of a class, a giant binder of blog enties gets whonked down on my desk and I get to meet one of my fan club members. I've always wanted an entourage.

On an unrelated note, my mother ran into a woman whose kids I used to babysit after school every day for a couple years. The younger kid, Matt, is a sophomore in high school. Hang on a second. I need to put my head between my knees.


Scott said...

when you become famous, i want to be in your entourage. kind of like britney's cousin or anna nicole's homo.

Nate said...

YES!!! *pumps fists into the air*


Sasha said...

ok, so i've been a bad reader/friend, but im catching up now... I'm loving the new fan club. hysterical. also, I'm so "calling" a spot in your entourage as well.

Sasha K