Thursday, April 05, 2007

of bungalows and other extraordinary dreams

Today I went to work wearing sandals. When I left work, it was snowing. Ahh, Pittsburgh. How I will never miss it once I finally move away once and for all.

Speaking of moving, my new favorite hobby is looking at the real-estate listings on Craigslist. There are a handful of places I've always wanted to move to...Seattle, Portland, Santa Fe, anywhere in New England. Subsequently, I now have a little collection of dream homes. Because I don't feel like making a bunch of cleverly inserted links, here:

Hello, my name is Amanda, and I'm addicted to bungalows. I also have a fondness for farmhouses and refurbished schoolhouses. Those are my New England dream homes. So, on to how I'm going to become rich enough to afford anything remotely similar to these gorgeous homes.

[ wind howls at the windowpanes ]

Right. Perhaps when I finish the next book I'll send it directly to Oprah. (Speaking of which, I am working on what I suspect may be a novel. It's the story of my life if it goes horribly, horribly wrong in a way I almost wish it would. I'll put that on the dust jacket.)


Nate said...

You can use us Nazis for slave-labor once you need them bound and copied....We've gotten quite good at it hehe


Don Guitar said...

If you get your own bungalow out in the sticks you'll be depriving your city-dwelling neighbors of your charming company but I'm sure the loss will be richly deserved by some of them.

Sorry about your dog, that's a real bummer.

Lisa and I have blogs at Lockergnome now, how's that for cool?


It snowed here today. Seriously, in central Texas on April 8th it snowed. Lisa was working so I went out and brought in all her potted plants. For weeks it's been warm out with sporadic but fairly frequent rain and Spring is happening in a big way with the wildflowers going nuts. Lisa is a hopeless plant-person and she's been out in the yard wagging her shovel around promiscuously these last few weeks. Then, suddenly, it snowed and it's supposed to freeze tonight. I predict that the next few days are going to be terribly gloomy around here as some of her many carefully nurtured soil-bound plants succumb to the cold and go to that big greenhouse in the sky.

You know, my paternal grandfather was a man who never uttered a legitimate curse word in his life but he had his own large and colorful collection of innocuous expletives. It amuses me to think that he would read the title of your blog and say...

"Gosh doggit Amanda"

Wishing you love, luck, and happiness.


Scott said...

You can make anywhere a bungalow. My friend Andrew called his apartment off of Bigelow, the Bungalow.

So bungalow is where you make it. :)

Plus, it's fun to say "Bungalow...bung bung bungalow"

Nate said...

Is he the texan our group of assassins are saying with?

Amanda said...

Ahh, all my most loyal readers. :) Or at least, my loyal commenters. Apparently a good number of people read this thing, which consistently surprises me.

Poodle -- I shall create bungalows everywhere I go. JK is going to help me make an office area outside my room. We might tear down one of my bedroom walls and install a sliding door/wall type thing, depending on cost. We were brainstorming yesterday while we painted...possibly because of all the fumes. Our kitchen is FINALLY finished!! It looks amazing. (So naturally the basement is next. He's gonna help me paint my room, too.) Next weekend I think I'm gonna go to Ikea and look for a desk. I want a white one. And a girly desk chair. Preferably pink and white (so it matches all the other furniture I own). You and J want to come?

Papadon - I want to immortalize your opening paragraph in needlepoint. That was awesome. I was sending warm thoughts to Lisa's plants today. It's snowed here the past couple days, too. Just flurries, but places north of here actually got lake-effect snow and wound up with 8 inches. Because apparently it was a slow news day (what with a high-school kid being murdered, a woman and her baby being kidnapped and assaulted, and a police chase/shooting in the middle of downtown) some people felt the need to send the news pictures of their house on Christmas (no snow) and on Easter (with snow). I kind of want to smack those people.

Nate/CCB - Yep, Don Guitar is my Texas grandpa and Lisa is my Texas grandma. I've never met them, but they have every appearance of being totally awesome (which basically means they like me and therefore MUST be awesome).

If I get a big enough fan base I think I'll sell t-shirts on cafepress or something.

Scott said...

weekend is free..we could definitely help you shop for furniture as long as you sign-off on the furniture i'm picking out! :)

Though you know me and pink...not a good combination.