Friday, February 17, 2006

why i'm like this, chapter 872

I was talking to Mom as she was getting ready for bed, and I noticed that the lotion she was putting on her hands was my missing foot lotion.

"Is that my foot lotion you just put on your hands?"
"Yeah, I like it because it has cortizone in it."
"I have been going nuts for weeks looking for that."
"Oh, sorry..."
"I just never thought to look in your room, I guess."
"Yeah, I've been holding it hostage."
"Ah, whatever. I'm going to use some of the hand cream on your dresser--oh, there's my pink glasses. Apparently everything I've lost is in your room. Is my virginity under your bed?"
"Nah... you lost that all on your own."

1 comment:

Scott said...

AHAHAHA only your mother... or maybe mine... They're doppelgangers and must never meet or else the world will split open and nymphomaniac albino pigmies will take over the world.