Tuesday, October 04, 2005

what's worse than a post-it?

Remember the Sex & the City episode where Carrie gets the break-up Post-It? Well, I have discovered something worse.

Today I got shut down via email. But not even real email; it was an email through MySpace. I wasn't angry until I started drinking, but I'm sober enough. And now I'm pissed, as is evident in this conversation between me and Sasha.

LilMsStickShift: i was fine before but now i want to KILL HIM
LilMsStickShift: i still hate rick santorum more
pantses 211: sweet, then its not THAT bad
pantses 211: thats also the alcohol
pantses 211: whatd u drink
LilMsStickShift: vodka
LilMsStickShift: rumor has it there was club soda in there, but i am skeptical
pantses 211: oh yea
pantses 211: russians are angry for a reason
pantses 211: and its not just the famine and communism
LilMsStickShift: GLOL
LilMsStickShift: i prolly just scared mom
pantses 211: hahahhaha, YES!
pantses 211: thats such a huge accomplishment on my part
LilMsStickShift: i'm putting that in my blog

It's time to put my money where my mouth is--well, money and a few other things. I said that I'd give men one last try. That if things didn't work out, I'd date women exclusively.

Hello, my name is Amanda, and I am a lesbian.


Sasha said...

Oh man, I love this entry... and only in part b/c it makes me famous... ;) Manda, you're my funniest friend and you're fabulous! It's always a great achievement to make you laugh that loud... although I'm sure it wasn't as great as yesterday... uhhh... I'll leave it at that ;)

Anonymous said...

you just think you're a lesbian.

Anonymous said...

maybe if you stopped trolling the internet for weirdo trolls, you'd find an ok guy.

Scott said...

once you've tried crack, you'll never go back ;-)

honeykbee said...

Yes! Bring on the GLOL!