Wednesday, October 05, 2005

_____ knows best

So after my last post, some anonymous person left comments. Normally, I'd just delete them and move on, but I decided to go in another direction.

So according to this person, who apparently has nothing better to do at 5:30 AM than read my blog and leave quasi-bitchy comments, I "only think I am a lesbian," and "maybe if I stopped trolling the internet for weirdo trolls, I'd find an ok guy."

Yes, I do think I'm a lesbian. Or rather, I think I'm going to not date men right now--if ever again. Perhaps that's because it's true. Although to be fair, I should pay more attention to psychological assessments from people who don't know me. Especially the same weird internet trolls I apparently seek out. Because I'm clearly going to find Mr. Right in a couple of vaguely ascerbic anonymous comments left on my blog at 5:30 AM, because only the coolest and most desirable people leave anonymous comments on strangers' blogs. (He missed the part where I'm not interested in finding Mr. Right.)

My friend Danielle (who also thinks she is a lesbian, because she is one) had this to say.

djordan: wow
djordan: someone has strong opinions
djordan: you know though, no one's really a lesbian
djordan: they just think they are
djordan: til they meet the right guy

So until Bill Clinton or Patrick Dempsey winds up on my porch, I stand by my Penis Embargo decision.

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Anonymous said...

hating men because they disappoint you and being a lesbian are two vastly different things.