Friday, October 19, 2007

dear wonderful friends and cherished network of internet-based stalkers

I'm sorry I haven't written anything here in so long. But I have been doing some other writing, so at least we know I haven't sustained a serious brain injury.

Everything is okay, I've just been really busy. And I have a large collection of ridiculous observations and rants to share with you soon, I promise.

I saw a commercial for a hydroponic "garden" growing system recently. Just a preview of the profound musings you all have to look forward to!

Peace, love, and hydroponic growing systems to you all.


Nate said...

I can't wait! :D

Don Guitar said...

You think you're busy do you? Good, I hope you're having lots of fun. I miss your charming, witty posts but I have about as much time to read them as you do to write them. *grin*

My theme-of-the-day is "Bring it on".