Thursday, July 12, 2007

i love "the golden girls"

Rose: [It was] right after the herring juggling act.
Blanche: You mean to tell me that somebody actually juggled herring?
Rose: No! It was the herring who did the juggling. Tiny little Ginsu knives. Really very dangerous -- I mean, one false move, they could have filleted themselves.
Sophia: I hate you.


Scott said...

old people and gay men are the only ones allowed to watch GG. This confirms it. You are a gay man. I knew it! No wonder I love you so much. Untuck that penis and be proud!

Amanda said...

Why do you think my name is "Amanda"?

Nate said...

Cause your a man....duh...:-P

Amanda said...

Exactly! All those third-graders were right all along.