Sunday, March 04, 2007

why i'm like this (part 934)

I'd just said something I'm not going to repeat here lest I offend certain persons who probably don't read this anyway, as they are most likely much too busy reading the Bible. Anyway.

Mom: You are going to rot in hell.
Me: That's okay. You'll already be there to introduce me around.
Mom: You will need no introduction. You'll already know everyone there.
Me: "Guys! What's up?!"
Mom: "God damn it, Amanda!"
Together: And that's why it would truly be hell.


Nate said...

Hey, Confused Caffinated Boy here.

So I've been printing off all of your funny expirences and handing them out to my friends. We've bound a collection together, and carry it around us like a Bible.

You are seriously our hero.


honeykbee said...

I'm already here. Waiting.