Saturday, August 20, 2005

old navy tags

What's with the tags on so much of Old Navy's clothing nowadays? I don't mean the prices. I'm talking about these fucking "Remove Before Wearing or Washing" tags that are hidden in all of my work clothes. (You know the sort of clothes I mean. Button-downs. Knee-length skirts. Inexplicably sheer blouses, as though nipples were accepted office attire.)

They don't seem to serve a purpose. They don't give me washing instructions and they don't appear to be any sort of security tag. I could be wrong about that, because they are incredibly thick. But "Remove Before Wearing or Washing" is all they say. Well, that and "Cut Here." Which is handy information to have, because otherwise I might have taken a machete to my new skirt. I guess they just had a lot of material to use and didn't feel like making a bunch of really stiff-collared shirts. Perhaps they were afraid that people would pop them.

My brother does that. He starts college in less than a week. I hope someone educates him in the ways of shirt-wearing while he's there.

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honeykbee said...

Nipples are the new broach. Totally acceptable fashion accessory.