Sunday, December 21, 2008

happy holidays. now get the fuck out of my state

I don't know what's more idiotic -- naming your kid Adolf Hitler, or pretending that you're not a bigot after you've done so.

If that house goes up in flames soon, I'd like to point out that Pittsburgh is way the hell on the other side of Pennsylvania. However, with gas prices so deliriously low, my alibi would be about as weak as his claim that he's not a piece of crusty scum oozing from a particularly badly infected asshair of humanity.


Scottie said...

omg, i saw that too. wtf. seriously. wtf?!

no shit, the verification word is "micro" as in, i think this guy is microcephalic...

Scottie said...



Scottie said...

p.s. word verification was "deher" as in:

"What a retard...deherrrrr"