Saturday, March 15, 2008

hey, is this thing on?

What in the hell is Sally Kern talking about? There is not one accurate piece of information in her little tirade. I think she got her "facts" off of Fred Phelps's posters. I can't believe she stopped short of "gay people caused 9/11." Although feminists were included in that list, weren't they? Given that she is an elected official, I'd have to assume that she believes women have rights equal to that of a man. Doing a little picking and choosing in who we choose to oppress, aren't we?

You know what, it's been done, Sally. You're like a less entertaining Ann Coulter. At least she has the balls to spew her vitriol on camera. You quite clearly didn't think anyone was going to hear this. That makes you both lame and gross.

I'd like to know what kind of gay mafia you think is running Pittsburgh, Sally. (Or any of the other completely random places you mentioned.) Ever been here? Clearly, you like to travel, what with your interest in regional Passion plays, just like any true patron of the arts. This isn't a "gay town." But we do have GLBT people. So does Iran. You know why? Because anywhere there are people, there are GLBT people.

Yeah, yeah, it was out of context, or you're addicted to something, or gay aliens took over your body and made you say all that to further the GLBT agenda (our agenda, by the way, is to be treated like people). But next time, why don't you just come out of the closet, as it were, and spread your fabulous glittering hate out for all to admire? Aren't you proud to be one of the Hetero Soldiers protecting America's 2-year-olds from weekly brainwashing sessions? You know the ones. Ones that will force children into living certain kinds of lives even if they know it's not who they are? Into going against the word of god? Something that might someday cause them to commit the sin of suicide, or worse, murder?

Or do you know that hate is something that can't be tolerated in public, because on some level you know it's wrong? (If only you had some book of principles on which you had based your life that you might be able to consult on this topic. What I did was I thought about it for a minute. When I was 6. But don't feel that you need to strain yourself.)

There's a reason that KKK members wear sheets. Ask yourself what you've done in confining your real views to whispers among people you thought were your confidants. And then remind yourself that in that group you thought was behind you all the way, there was someone who very clearly wasn't.

I'm not going to expend any more energy responding to this ridiculous woman. It's already been done rather eloquently anyway. And of course Ellen had something to say. And someone even said something in rhyme. Now that's awesome.

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