Friday, February 15, 2008

nancy drew (times two) and the case of the forgotten hat

So Trina and I went to see "No Country For Old men" on Saturday, which was a fucking outstanding movie. Go see it. But that's not what this story is about.

As we were leaving, Trina noticed a hat on the floor next to where we'd been sitting and concluded it must have belonged to the guy who was sitting next to us. He was older, with a woman who was presumably his daughter.

"He was shorter and wearing black; she was taller than him and I think she was wearing pink. He also has a bad knee, so he can't have gotten far."

Stand down, Adrian Monk. Amanda is on the case.

So we spotted them right as they were walking through the door and we yelled what is now our catchphrase -- "Sir! Your hat!"

We hope this will grow into an international series.

Monsieur! Your beret!
Signore! Your cappello!
Hipster! Your fedora!

"Hipster! Your fedora!" will undoubtedly signal the tragic end of the series.

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Meadow said...

[ laughs hysterically at fedora ]

Even better? The word verification for me posting this is -- no lie -- hatsqf. HAT!