Saturday, September 16, 2006

higher learning will never be the same

I'm going to look like one of the students and no one is going to know who I am until I start passing out papers and writing on the chalkboard. Then again, I thought Bob Day* was a farmer auditing my Chekhov class, so maybe there's something to be said for looking like an imposter.

What you might have guessed by now is that I'm finally doing it. I am applying to grad school.

Well, okay, not really. I've got a big list of possible places (I think about 14) and I'm looking through them and choosing where I want to apply, because I can't afford to apply everywhere with application fees running as high as $75 for some schools. But this is the price I guess I literally have to pay for the schools I have on my list. Warren Wilson. Goddard. Bennington. Fairleigh Dickinson.

Dear god, I'm going to go down in flames.

That's not true. Though it might amaze some of you to know, I do write serious things. Painfully serious things. They're not very long.

I like poetry for its economy of language. I think that's because concentrating on brevity means I only have to think seriously for a short time. (Know thyself and all that.)

After I get my MFA, I'll be all ready to teach. Or so the theory goes. Knowing me, I'll get a post-MFA teaching certificate. If I can overeducate myself, I will. After I've sufficiently stuffed my head full, I'll be moving...somewhere. New England, maybe. A lot of the schools I'm interested in are in New England, but since I'm doing a low-residency program, I'll still be here in Pittsburgh full-time and traveling there twice a year for about a week at the start of each semester. Even two weeks a year in New England is exciting to me. (Don't worry -- I will never, ever root for the Patriots. They could be playing the Cowboys and I wouldn't root for them. Hell, they could play the Browns and I wouldn't root for them. How could I? I'd already be so busy trying to light the stadium on fire.)

I think it's safe to say that my future students, who are probably freshmen or sophomores in high school right now (assuming it doesn't take me years and years to find some college somewhere that will hire me) should probably start drinking now. Some of the schools require that I teach a course -- not just a single class, mind you, but an actual course -- before I graduate. I'd say that everyone in Pittsburgh should start drinking now, but football season has already begun.

*Bob Day was a professor of mine in college. My goal in life is to be just like him, but with less Jack Daniels, as I prefer vodka.


Scott said...

Go Go Professor Pyro!! :) FIRE FIRE FIRE!!! ;-)

I think it would be fun to educate yourself beyond all possible gainful employment. ;-)

Actually, I think you'd be a great teacher. You would remind me of the late Dr. Curry..."The bible is a very very long piece of prose. It is magnificent series of fables, much like Aesop. Is it well written? No, not particularly. However, it has stood the test of time. Hell, mine's been gathering dust for the last half a century. But I digress."

Sasha K said...

Congrats babe!!!!! You're going to make an amazing professor! I'm so proud of you for following your dream... And may I just say that when you consider schools *ahemnewyorkahem* you should really think a bit south of new england. Because, well, its REALLY cold there... Yea, ok, not a good enough reason? Hmmm, how about the city is just way cooler? yea.

Sasha K

Amanda said...

Haha, I could never live in NYC. People annoy me way too much. Also, one of the main reasons I want to move to New England is because it's cold. ;)

Sasha K said...

blah blah blah... just kidding, fair enough...

at least new england is closer. well. depending where exactly. plus, if ur in or near a major city... the chinatown bus could be a very real possibility... and YAY for that!

Sasha K